25 Things I’m Grateful for in April


25 Things I'm Grateful for in April | Des Moines Moms Blog

  1. The blog Snappy Casual, written by former Des Moines Moms Blog blogger, Kelsey Williams, who also writes a monthly “thankful” post and inspired this copycat, shoot-I-have-writer’s-block-and-it’s-only-month-3-of-blogging post. Kelsey has great things to say (and great taste in baby names).
  2. The ice machine at work. Icy cold water, all day long.
  3. A new pair of jeans.
  4. Big growth in Dereck’s business. Thank YOU, all you cookie eaters!
  5. The mother’s room at work. I can’t imagine what some moms have to put up with just to express a little milk.
  6. Plentiful milk and only two more months of pumping. I’m in awe of breastmilk and the nursing relationship, but I’m also looking forward to the freedom of not taking pump breaks (or washing all the parts!).
  7. Joyful reunions with my little family after being gone for work.
  8. When my daughter asks me to define new words to add to her growing vocabulary.
  9. The resilience of children (read: that they so quickly forget how grumpy I was five minutes ago).
  10. My best friend/cousin and her new baby.
  11. Springtime sunshine.
  12. Dissipating seasonal affective disorder. Every year after winter ends, I think, So that’s why I was so grumpy the last four months!
  13. Five-hour Friday at work.
  14. GROCERY DELIVERY. I wish there was a combination of words stronger than “Thank you.” I would use them with my labor/delivery nurse and grocery delivery personnel, but no one else.
  15. My sister and sister-in-law who held me accountable with weekly weigh-ins through the end of March.
  16. My commute over the Saylorville Lake bridge. The water and sky look different every single day.
  17. Subway egg white sandwiches.
  18. A new Bible study journal.
  19. On behalf of Gwen: these little babies that she chews on and carries with her everywhere.
  20. Photos from our daycare provider during the work day.

    25 Things I'm Grateful for in April | Des Moines Moms Blog
    Do you spy the little baby?
  21. On behalf of Marlo: snacks. Every single snack in the house. Does anybody else’s kid eat all evening?
  22. On behalf of Dereck: simply Netflix.
  23. Phone calls with my mom on my drive home from work.
  24. Exploring our new[ish] neighborhood in the sunshine.
  25. Des Moines Moms Blog and the compassionate women behind the blog.

What are you grateful for today?



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