2020 Bingo Card: Mom Edition


bingo cardEvery time yet another crazy headline lands, some jokey pundit on social media makes the comment, “Well, I didn’t have this on my 2020 bingo card!”

Every time, I laugh.

Not many people have the time to actually make a 2020 bingo card, so I did. 

Here you go, moms. Take a sip, eat a chocolate, or use the kids’ mismatched game pieces to mark your progress as you go through the card. It’s been quite a year and it’s not over yet!

2020 BINGO 

Cried inexplicably hard at the death of a celebrity.  Screamed at a screen with the fiery rage of a thousand suns. Lost power – and all hope – during an unexpected natural disaster. Wore a mask more often than a bra. Ugly cried on a Zoom call with friends. Or co-workers.
Spent money on clothes/shoes that will go out of style long before you have a chance to wear them. Craved a visit to the kid place you hated the most before 2020. Developed a physical injury (caused by stress) you didn’t even know was possible. Repeated “Six feet, six feet!” internally, if not out loud, as a close-talking acquaintance ignored social cues.  Took refuge (possibly with a bottle) in a closet because every other space in your home was taken. Or visible.
Sought release in the reruns of a favorite show because the combination of nostalgia and lack of surprises was too hard to resist. Googled a simple math problem because your addled brain has forgotten every numerical concept you ever learned. Wept in gratitude as the curbside librarians brought you yet another load of books without mentioning the overdue ones. Went an entire day without putting clothes on the children. Or yourself. Or maybe just your bottom half. Yelled at a fictional character in a book or on the TV for hugging without restraint (I’m looking at you, Emily…in Paris).
Lost faith – temporarily or otherwise – in a political, spiritual, or community leader. Shrieked into a pillow after a frustrating educational experience. Felt concern/respect as you listened to the kids battle the villain COVID for supremacy. Had an awkward conversation with family or friends about differing COVID viewpoints. Was completely awed after witnessing the empathy or brilliance of strangers. 
Started a sentence with “When the pandemic is over…” and then promised your child the moon. Splurged on a kid toy because you were convinced that life would be manageable if they had that. Missed your parents (or other friends and family) in a way you haven’t since your first sleepover. Recommitted to eating better after confusing hunger for boredom. Again. Branded a child or spouse with a devastatingly bad haircut at home.

What’s on your card?

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