20 Awesomely Hipster Baby Names for Boys



Do you love picking out baby names or hate it? I love it!

I already shared some of my favorite girls’ names, so now it’s time to discuss boys’ names! As hard as it was to name our first kid (you can read more about that here), I think it might be even tougher to name our second kid.

Boys names are a lot harder for us. But, I was still able to come up with 20 awesomely hipster names for boys! Here are my favorite boy names.

hipster boy names

20 Hipster Baby Boy Names

  • Davis. My daughter’s name is Rooney, which is a surname, and I think it’d be fun to continue that trend if we have a little boy. Davis was our front-runner for a boy’s name with our first pregnancy before we found out it was a girl.
  • Smith. Again, I like last names as first names. I like how strong it sounds, but my sister’s married last name is Smith, so it might be weird for us to choose this.
  • Jones. So cute, right? There’s something really quirky about this one. My hesitation is that I have an aunt named Joan and it might get confusing when we’re all together.
  • Leon. This is my dad’s first name. I think it’s cute and unique! It might work better as a middle name, though. It means “like a lion.”
  • Knox. I think a boy’s name should be strong. And I’m not sure it gets any stronger than Knox.
  • Bandit. My husband actually came up with this one. I’m not so sure. He might grow up and rob a bank.
  • Rowan. I love this name. My mother-in-law used to go to school in a little northern Iowa town called Rowan, so it was on our list the first time around. I prefer it for a boy, but it’s a very popular girls’ name right now.
  • Joah. I met a guy named Joah once, and the female version (Joa) is on my girls’ name list. It’s a very creative name. I love it!
  • Griffin. My husband and I went to a concert many moons ago and a new-to-us band called Griffin House opened up. I love the name Griffin, and Rooney (our daughter’s name) is also a band name. It might be fun to go with that theme!
  • Oliver. You may remember that Olive is on our girls’ name list, and I also like Oliver! My grandpa has been known to quote that movie (“Please sir, I want some more”), so it has sentimental value for me.
  • Bear. I just think this is a strong, classic boys’ name. It’s different but not unheard of. This is definitely in my top five.
  • Colt. Do you remember Colt from the movie 3 Ninjas? (Bear, Colt… apparently I like animal names for kids.) My brother’s name is Cole, so this could get confusing.
  • Rocky. Apparently 3 Ninjas had a profound effect on me. This is a strong male name. Rocky and Rooney!
  • Brooks. I don’t know anyone named Brooks, but I think it sounds really cool and kind of preppy. I have a cousin named Brook, so it might be too confusing.
  • Julian. Such a cool, creative name. However, I just can’t get over the fact that it reminds me of the female name Jillian.
  • Finch. My husband and I are reading To Kill a Mockingbird right now, and Finch is the last name of one of the main characters. I think it’s fun!
  • Sullivan. Sullivan means “little dark eyes.” I have brown eyes and so does my daughter, so this could be a very fitting name. We’d call him Sully for short!
  • Sampson. Sampson is a family name, and I love it. However, I already have a nephew and cousin named Sam, so it’s probably off limits for us. It means “like the sun.”
  • Theo. Someone, please name your kid Theo! It’s so cute. It means “divine gift.”
  • Everett. This nature-inspired name has become a lot more popular lately. Can’t you just see him being an outdoorsy hiker? It means “wild boar; strong boy.”

What do you think? I’m not sure I love any of them. Luckily, I don’t need a baby name anytime soon!

What are your favorite baby boy names? I’d love to hear them!

hipster boy names


  1. Carsten, of course! It means “Follower of Christ”. [Everett was on my short list when I was pregnant with C, but not my husband’s. Needless to say, it’s my favorite from this list!]

  2. What a great list! I love Theo and Sullivan was a finalist for us last time. We have a Drake and a Charlie and I love that their names are not too common but easy to spell. πŸ™‚

  3. We just named out second son Sullivan and call him Sully for short. All of my kids’ names come from movies (sully from monsters inc

    • I have two sons. Davis is the oldest middle name. Griffin is the younger ones name but everyone has called him Griff since he was 11. These boys are 20 and 21 so they are kind of hipster AND classic boy named!

  4. We are all about unique boy names! Our first son’s name is Leonidas Emmanuel (we call him Leo). Means “possessing the strength of a lion because God is with him.” Our second little guy (12 weeks left) will be named Clark Aloysius and we plan to call him Louie. His name isn’t as overtly spiritual but he’ll be well set if he decides to be a writer (his name means “scribe of fame & war). Our last name is pretty hard for people to spell/pronounce so we weren’t intimidated by that factor… they’ll be strong spellers either way!

  5. I’m sorry but some of these names are endlessly pretentious. Bear?! No thanks. I think I’ll name any future sons something like John or Ben…at this rate he’ll be the only one in a class full of special snowflake hipsters! Sheesh. Kind of a personal pet peeve of mine.

    • I genuinely like these names (except Bandit) and am not trying to stand out just to stand out. I just prefer less traditional names. To each their own! It would be boring if we all liked the same names.

      I also know multiple people named Bear, so I’m surprised that was the one that stood out to you.

  6. Bear? Lol! I don’t mind some of these names, but I can tell I am super traditional when it comes to names. As a teacher, I’ve seen it all. I just think it’s nice to keep classic spellings and not make up names just for the sake of being cutting edge. Having a unique name sometimes gives students a weird reputation.

    • Hi Anne,
      I definitely agree with you on classic spellings. I want people to be able to spell my children’s names when I say them aloud. I don’t think any of these boys’ names are hard to spell. I also genuinely like these names (except Bandit) and am not trying to stand out just to stand out. I just prefer less traditional names. To each their own! It would be boring if we all liked the same names.

      I also know multiple people named Bear, so I’m surprised that was the one that stood out to you.

  7. Fun list! Davis is the county that my husband and I grew up in- it was at the top of our list with Finnean. I loved Julian but couldn’t get my husband on board! Griffin was also on our boy list- we thought Griff was so cute. Finch is a family name for us. We didn’t know that until last year, otherwise Finnean would have been Finch! Hutchinson took some convincing of my husband, but now I can’t even remember what our other choices were! Thankfully, I have don’t have any name regret with either our boys! πŸ™‚

  8. My baby boy name obsession right now is Huxley. Even if we have a boy one day (we have 2 girls) it doesn’t really work with our last name, unfortunately. But it’s sooooo cute. And the nickname Hux or Huck? To die for.

    • My son is Huxley. He was named kind of by accident. By the time he was born we still hadn’t decided on a name. We were home already and my partner was reading out a list of authors he liked. I stopped him and said ‘Huxley’ is a great name, and he goes ‘what? I didn’t read that out’. I thought he had in my post birth daze. We sat on it for a few days and decided ut

  9. I wish Knox wasn’t becoming so popular because I love that name but don’t want something that is “trending”. We have a Maddox and I love the idea of having names end in “x”. Maverick is also at the top of my boys list.

  10. I have to agree with you that Bandit is not my favorite. I would say Bear is my second least favorite- I love unique names (within reason) but would agree that spelling needs to be reasonable. Don’t have a silent random letter just for the sake of uniqueness. I love the other names- excited to see what you pick someday!

  11. I love all of these unique names! Huxley is definitely on my list of favorites. We are having twin boys in 3 months and are working on names. I really like Henry and Huxley and the name Hixon (my husband liked this one..it was the name of the street where he grew up on).

    Oh and I like Griffin as well. My sister just had a son and they named him Grafton..

    • Jen – It would be fun if they each had an “x” in their name! (And a fun bonus if they had the same number of letters, like most of these do…)
      Huxley & Hendrix
      Huxley & Phoenix
      Huxley & Lennox
      Huxley & Xander
      Huxley & Maddox

      • My two boys are named Huxley and Hendrix. I love the name combination and that they are more on the unique side.

  12. I really like “Armor”… Not sure I’d use it but it sure is manly and strong. We had a girl first and named her August Rose. Our boy name right now is Griffin Wade but if popularity continues, we may scratch it….

  13. I love names so much! What a great list. Were currently TTC and hoping for twins. I love Fox & Bear for Twin boys. I think Rogue is a cool middle name, it’s also a brewery we like in our state. Last names as first are so cute! My friend had a surprise baby after her like 10 years , they named him Smith. He’ll probably be a pro snowboarder. Another friend named their son Wells which I think of as a last name. I better read your girl’s name list!!


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