11 Summer Essentials for Moms


It’s summer and that means my kids are ready to sleep in, relax at home, and help around the house any chance they get. Just kidding!

We are still on the go with summer sports, travel, and of course, some fun outings planned too. Moms are great about packing all of the things kids need, but moms need to be prepared with essentials of their own! 

One thing I found that saves my summer sanity is having a “kit” of essentials ready to go. I find having things in a bag I can either keep in the car or easily grab lets me feel prepared and frees up time to get the rest of the family ready.

Before you start marking off items on your bucket list, check out my Summer Essentials.

Good Quality Sunscreen

I know how important sunscreen is, but I do not love the consistency of the thick stuff. I found a lightweight sunscreen that goes on smooth, does not smell like sunscreen, and provides great protection. Ghost Democracy Sunscreen

Great Swimsuit and Towel

I recently discovered swim dresses and I love that they have built-in shorts. This means we can head to the pool or lake without notice, and I love how comfortable they are! For a towel, I love a lightweight, oversized Turkish Towel. Duluth Trading Company Swim Dress and Amazon Turkish Towel

Detangler Spray

Whether we are coming from the pool, or I’ve been at a soccer game, my hair tangles quickly. I love having a spray to easily brush through the tangles. Prep Rally Detangler

Comfortable Slip-on Shoes

One of my FAVORITE parts of summer is not having to wear socks. Seriously. I look forward to summer bare feet all winter. I have one pair of go-to sandals that are extremely comfortable and don’t make the “flip flop” sound when I walk. Comfortable shoes become part of my “essentials” in summer too! Olukai Sandals

Body Glide Roller

I discovered this product a few years ago on a Disney vacation forum and I carry it with me all summer to prevent thigh chaffing! Body Glide Roller

Hair Ties and a Hat

Any hat will do for the days I don’t want to do my hair. I also like coiled hair ties. 

Dry Shampoo

This is self-explanatory. I think all moms know about the wonders of a great dry shampoo by now! I love Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Sunglasses that Stay in Hair

Not just cute sunglasses, but ones that actually sit on top of my head without pulling my hair out!

A Great Bag/Purse

I have two summer bags that were both gifts from friends. One is a cross-body bag and the other is a small backpack. Both make it easy for mini-golf, festivals, sporting events, and everyday errands. Nike Crossbody Bag and Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Phone Camera and App for Organizing Photos 

I have been using Google Photos for a few years now and I know there are other great apps too. Whatever you use, take some photos of your kids, their friends, and of course, YOU with your kids too! Some of my favorite photos framed in my house are from our impromptu family outings to mini-golf or ice cream shops.

What are your summer essentials? 

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