10 Signs You Might Live with a Dictator — I Mean Two-Year-Old


Two-year-olds are stubborn, independent, and full of energy. Most are strong willed and very opinionated. And let’s be honest — sometimes it’s just easier to go with it than to battle it out.

Here are 10 signs that your toddler might be a mini-dictator:

  1. Toddler_TimeoutYou must factor in an additional 10 minutes when leaving the house for “I do it myself” moments – or you will be perpetually 20 minutes late wherever you go
  2. The child who used to eat everything now refuses anything that is not ketchup or applesauce.
  3. Speaking of food – he will only eat out of the bowl HE selected and touched. If you pick the same color bowl but it wasn’t the ONE he wanted – no way.
  4. You might have a playlist set up on your iPod for car trips specific with the songs she likes – and it might only have two songs on it. If you are lucky, in a 20-minute drive you listen to both. Usually not. Most likely that song is “Let It Go.” 
  5. If you sing in the car you will promptly be told to “Stop that, Mommy” – only she is allowed to sing, whether it is the actual words or “Jingle Bells.”
  6. Driving anywhere becomes difficult with the backseat driver yelling what direction to turn – even if it is not an actual road. He becomes completely unglued when you refuse his request to drive through the trees.
  7. The older sibling has given up on TV screen time because she is tired of Curious George and Super Why reruns. She becomes interested when Once Upon a Mickey Christmas comes on, only to become zoned out on the fifth consecutive viewing in June.Toddler_behavior
  8. You are in a constant battle of riding or walking. Grocery store stops become a battle of wills, entertaining grocery store staff and customers alike. Most times you end up with the semi-truck cart, carrying said child, because riding and walking both become non-options.
  9. Bedtime routine is serious business – if you skip one step, you will use an additional 5 minutes bargaining, and an extra 10 completing the original task you wanted to skip in the first place. 
  10. When you are at odds and about ready to go off the cliff of sanity, he gives you the sweetest hug and kiss and says, “I love you, Mommy.” When it seems to be the worst time in your day, he can come through and make it the one of the best moments of your life.

What other signs does your toddler exhibit that show he or she might be running things?


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